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Plant Care

Do you want a crash course on how to care for plants? Here is your one-stop shop for plant care for plant people of all abilities!

Welcome to Plant Care!

 Plant Care 101

Whether you are a new plant parent or a seasoned professional, we hope you enjoy this crash course on keeping your plants happy and growing your own little jungle!

The only fun kind of quarantine

Aloe vera and diffenbachia potted plants wearing masksWhen you bring a new plant into your home, make sure to quarantine it away from your other plants! Inspect it for little critters and friends who want to munch on your leaves. Bonus if you spray with neem oil and give the leaves a nice little dusting. If you don't have any neem oil or insecticidal spray, give it a good hose down with a high pressure shower or stream from a spray bottle. Take care not to overwater the plant though!

Place plant in a separate room or as far away from other plants as possible. Ideally, quarantine the plant for around a month but for at least 2 - 3 weeks. This helps minimize the spread of pests and diseases. Finish up with an inspection of your plants, particularly around the stems and undersides of the leaves. Check out our "Common Pests & Problems" for more information on what to look for!