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SLAB Application

Thank you for your interest in joining SLAB at the University of Southern Maine Libraries! Please click on the link HERE to fill out our online Google Application. 


USM Student Library Resources

Did You Know?

These items are available for 2-hour In-Library Use from the USM Library Circulation Desks. All you need is your USM Student ID! 

Large Headphones                  

Scientific Mathematic Calculators

HP Laptops

S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Light Boxes

USM Seed Library

Board Games (Tsuro, Cranium, Timeline, Parcheesi, Seven Wonders, Forbidden Island, Pandemic, Fluxx, Concept, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Lords of Waterdeep, Card Decks, Magic the Gathering, and more Classic Games!) 

Dungeons & Dragons Books (Players Handbook, Monster Manual)

Apple Computer Dongle to convert HDMI 

Course Textbooks on Reserve (A range of 100-400 Level Classes)


SLAB Meeting Minutes

SLAB Meeting Minutes -  #2 Spring 2020

This meeting was cancelled due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on our students and staff.

USM Library News

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Welcome to the USM Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB)!

From the Archives: Gorham Normal School Library Club, circa 1933

SLAB Mission Statement

The Libraries at the University of Southern Maine recognize that student voices are an integral part of successful library policies, services, facilities, resources, spaces, and programming. The purpose of the Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB) at USM is to provide space for Students and Library Administration to effectively and professionally communicate regarding student needs and ideas, the improvement of library services, and the facilitation of library student engagement and outreach initiatives. 

Adapted from Fairfield University & UC San Diego

Members of the Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB) will:

  • Discuss and address Student needs, concerns, and ideas regarding USM Library spaces, programming, resources, and services with Library Administration.
  • Provide feedback and advice on USM Library initiatives, services, programs, resources, and policies.
  • Assist Library Staff in communicating information about USM Library services, resources, and programming to the wider student community.


It is important to note that this board is advisory in nature. Student suggestions and comments will be given to the appropriate library committee(s) as well as the Library Director, who may occasionally attend meetings.

Who are the Members of SLAB?

Membership of the Student Library Advisory Board consists of undergraduate and graduate students, representing a range of academic disciplines and backgrounds, in an attempt to encompass the broad diversity of the USM Student population.

Board Memberships last for one Academic Year in order to allow the widest possible access for Student participation. All USM Students, with the exception of students currently employed by the USM Libraries and/or Learning Commons, are welcome - and encouraged - to join SLAB.

When does SLAB Meet?

The Student Library Advisory Board at USM meets twice each semester, at pre-arranged & scheduled meeting dates and times, alternating between the Gorham and Portland campus libraries. Board members may also be invited to attend and participate in other library meetings and events on campus.

SLAB Staff Facilitators

For more information about the Student Library Advisory Board at USM, please contact the Library Staff Facilitators listed below.

Thank you for your interest in SLAB! We look forward to hearing from you.


Elizabeth Bull, Library Specialist - Research & Instruction Services
(O) 207-780-4272; (E)


Carrie Bell-Hoerth, Library Specialist - Access Services
(O) 207-780-4329; (E)