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BUS 365: Consumer Behavior (Amendah): Home


Welcome to the library!

This guide is meant to be used as you complete you semester project of applying the consumer behavior process to a chosen product.

Find resources in the library databases tab including articles from marketing journals and industry reports. Find psychographic and demographic data by exploring the resources on the segmentation tab.

Feel free to reach out to me or use ASK a Librarian if you have questions.

Consumers needs & wants

What these sources will help with:

  • Needs that might prompt consumer desire to purchase a product.
  • How benefits create value for consumers.
  • The risk factors that could influence consumer decision to purchase a product.
  • Motivational factors that trigger consumer’s decision to buy a product.
  • Segmentation strategy for products using demographic and psychographic factors.
  • Likelihood of consumers to recommend a product to others.



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