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LGBTQIA+ Resources at USM

Information and links to resources for LGBTQIA+ folks and their allies.

USM & Maine Resources

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

For more information on why gender neutral bathrooms are important, check out our “Trans Umbrella” tab under “Crash Course: Pride 101”

Using the app, Refuge Restrooms (an app/website that provides resources to help find local gender inclusive restrooms), we have uploaded the location of gender neutral bathroom locations on campus! Refuge Restroom users can search for restrooms by proximity to a search location, add new restroom listings, as well as comment and rate existing listings, so if you notice a gender neutral bathroom either on-campus or off, please feel empowered to add it! (Allies, now is your time to help protect and provide tangible resources to the transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming communities!)

Below are screenshots from Refuge Restrooms for the locations of the Gender Neutral Bathrooms across USM campuses!

Portland Campus Gorham Campus

Lewiston Campus Greater Portland Area

For a list of gender neutral bathrooms at USM, check out "Finding All Gender (Gender Neutral) Bathrooms at USM


USM-Specific Resources

Check out our "Gender Inclusive Bathrooms" tab for more information on where gender neutral bathrooms are located at USM!

Student Resources

Faculty and Staff Resources

Email Sarah E. Holmes to be added to the LGBTQ+ USM Faculty & Staff Google Group and receive updates!


Maine Community Resources

Equality Community Center (ECC) 

Equality Community Center - CenterLink LGBT Member Center in Portland MaineThe ECC currently houses EqualityMaine, GLSEN, MaineTransNet, PFLAG, Pride Portland!, and SAGE. Their programs make a difference in the lives of thousands of LGBTQ+ people through advocacy, education, community events and support. The ECC is used on a daily basis for planning meetings, board retreats, organizing, training, support groups, and drop-ins. Check out their FB Page for information about events and programming!

HomeEqualityMaine (Statewide) 

EqualityMaine's mission is to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Maine through political action, community organizing, education, and collaboration.

Maine Transgender Network (MaineTransNet)

MaineTransNet is a community based organization led by transgenderMaineTrans.Net people for transgender people. They provide peer-to-peer support groups, social and community events, advocacy for the transgender community across Maine, and transgender cultural competency training for medical, mental health, and social service providers.

This is a graphic featuring several photos of SAGE Maine members at events. These photos surround the SAGE Maine logo.SAGE Maine

SAGE is a national organization that offers supportive services and consumer resources for LGBT older adults and their caregivers, advocates for public policy changes that address the needs of LGBT older people, and provides training for aging providers and LGBT organizations, largely through its National Resource Center on LGBT Aging.

GLSEN Southern Maine

GLSEN Southern Maine is a chapter of GLSEN, a national organization fightingHomepage | GLSEN for every student’s right to a safe, supportive education.

Out Maine (Rockland area)

Out Maine works to make Maine communities welcoming and affirming for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth.

They support, educate, and empower queer youth in partnership with their allies and families.

Portland OutrightPortland Outright

Portland Outright supports underserved members of the LGBTQ+ youth community through weekly member meetings, ongoing mentorship, social events, and trainings, as well as intentional support to youth navigating systems -- such as the juvenile justice system, foster care, homelessness and mental health services.

Rainbow Business Professionals Association (RBPA)Logos on Behance

RBPA promotes networking within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied (LGBTQIA) business community and support LGBTQIA professionals and business people throughout the State of Maine through networking and educational enhancement.


PFLAG Portland MainePFLAG - Wikipedia

PFLAG Portland, Maine offers compassionate peer support to the parents, families and friends of, and including, LGBTQ individuals through group discussion, education, advocacy and creating connections to community resources.

Maine Healthcare-Specific Resources

Maine Queer Health Community DatabasePatient shaking hands with doctor overlayed with the text 'Find The Right Provider For You' and MaineTransNet logo.
The Maine Queer Health Community Database is a program of MaineTransNet working to improve LGBTQ+ community health access in Maine through a centralized, community based and reviewed, list of health and wellness providers in Maine.

Health Equity Alliance (Bangor area)
HEAL offers a variety of vital services, advocating for and HEAL LOGO FINAL CMYK-02.pngmeeting the needs of people in Maine living with HIV/AIDS, those in need of sexual health and wellness services, and people who use drugs. Our departments and programs work collectively to make our community a better and more inclusive place, while tailoring care to our clients' needs as individuals. 


Mabel Wadsworth Center (Bangor area)Mabel Wadsworth Center
Mabel Wadsworth Center provides health care using a feminist model focused on sexual and reproductive health through education, advocacy, and clinical services.



Planned Parenthood LGBTQ ServicesPlanned Parenthood Maine Action Fund | Facebook
Planned Parenthood has many clinics in Maine, most of which offer LGBTQIA+ services. The Portland Health Center offers resources, education, STD testing, Hormone Replacement Therapy, service referrals, and PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) for clients who identify as LGBTQIA+. Check for the clinic nearest you.
Frannie Peabody Center
Frannie Peabody Center | VolunteerME Southern MaineFrannie Peabody Center offers people affected by HIV/AIDS client-centered services that address the unique challenges of each individual. Their programs mirror the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, which aims to reduce new HIV infections, reduce HIV-related health disparities, and increase access to care to optimize health outcomes.

Maine Family Planning Open Door Transgender Health Services (Augusta area)Maine Family Planning (@FPAMaine) / Twitter
Maine Family Planning staff provide compassionate, confidential health services, regardless gender identity or expression. Whatever decisions you make about your health, we listen and provide support without judgment. They have providers in our Lewiston, Augusta, Norway, Belfast, Presque Isle, and Waterville health centers who provide transgender services.

Maine-Specific Legal Resources

How to change you name and/or gender marker in Maine 

The information provided on MaineTransNet is an introductory guide to changing your name and gender markers on state legal documents. This should be used as a general guide and is not legal advice. Before filing any applications or forms, we recommend contacting the appropriate government body to ensure that you have the most current forms and needed paperwork.

Know Your Rights - GLAD Maine

For information about discrimination, parenting, healthcare, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ+ rights, employment, and more!

Questioning & Coming Out

  • Coming Out: The process where an LGBTQ+ person shares their sexual orientation and/or gender identity with themselves and others. Coming out is not a requirement of being LGBTQ+ in any way, and it is a deeply personal experience. For those who do come out, most find it to be not a singular, one-time experience, but rather a series of coming outs throughout life
  • Questioning: A term to describe people who are in the process of exploring their sexual orientation or gender identity. Some people may continue to identify as questioning for their entire lives while some may ultimately end up choosing a particular identity or identities to describe themselves.

Check out the graphic below for a quick coming out guide, along with some links and resources to more detailed guides! Please know this is a VERY ABRIDGED page and does not cover the complexities of coming out. Our priority was to provide a quick foundation and link out to more detailed guides and advice. As always, your existence is valid and we are happy and support wherever you are in the queer, questioning, and coming out journey!

Coming Out Resources Infographic