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MLA Style Citation Guide: Home


Important Concepts

  • MLA 8th and MLA 9th very similar

  • Authors Place uses "and" with 2nd author written normally i.e. Robert Smith/ 3 or more authors uses Smith, John, et al.

  • Use of Containers for works contained inside other works.

  • In-text citations uses page number not date e.g. (Smith 47)

  • MLA has culture of abbreviations with often used words. Starting on p.95 in MLA Handbook

  • Containers are always in italics and Italics will transfer from Title to Container when title is part of a larger work--This will cause first title to be put in quotations.

  • Whole paper including citations double-spaced.

  • Citations are in Title Case

  • Editor(s) is written out  in front of citation as comma then editor; and in Other contributors as: Edited by John R. Smith

  • whole books end in Date unless there is a DOI/URL

  • MLA is a flexible style: You are allowed to call attention to someone in particular