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ART 141: Design Research (Church): Research Resources

ART 141

Barrada, Yto, Autocar--Tangier, Figs. 1-4. 2004. MOMA

Design Terms Research

Library and Museum Resources

USM Library Database Subscriptions

These databases provide access to articles from academic journals, magazines, and other periodical sources.

Library Catalogs

Library catalogs provide information about books that you can access, including art books with high quality images and research information. 

Publicly Accessible Images from Museums and other Cultural Institutions

Museum websites often contain excellent background information and high-quality images of artworks.

Information Literacy Librarian

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Ben Peck
Glickman Library 218

Assignment Refresher

Research your three assigned design terms to understand and explain what the terms are and how they relate to art and design.  You'll outline your findings and find one or more images that demonstrate your term. 

This guide is set up to help you

  • Research your terms using reliable websites and library databases
  • Find images that demonstrate your terms from reliable websites and library databases
  • Understand how to format MLA style citations for the text-based and image sources you find

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