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Maine STEM Film Festival Resources: Home

Creative Commons Sources

This site gathers sources for images, video clips, and sounds (both music and sound effects) that can be used to make your Maine STEM Film Festival videos. Anything you use must still be credited at the end of your video - see the boxes on the left side for more information.

Creative Commons Licensing

"Creative Commons Licenses" by GW Libraries. CC-BY.

Giving credit in your videos

Your videos should have credits at the end where you list all the sources for the media you used.

Each credit should include:

  • Title of the image/video/sound
  • Creator's name
  • Source (where did you find it? Provide the URL or hyperlink where the material resides)
  • License: Name the CC license and provide a link to it


"Latest Saturn Portrait" by Hubble ESA, A. Simon, and M.H. Wong. CC-BY.


Sources for Images

Sources for Video Clips

Sources for Audio