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University of Southern Maine
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Research & Scholarship Symposium 2022: Lightning Talks: Tuesday February 8th

12:00-1:00pm Lightning Talks

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1) The Invisibility Aspect in Language Acquisition Among Native American ELLs
Presenter: Nadine Bravo, Graduate Assistant
Increased awareness of Native American ELLs' linguistic needs, the need for trauma informed and culturally and linguistically trained educators.


2) The Application of "Big Data" to Tourism Management
Presenter: Tracy Michaud, PhD, Assistant Professor in Tourism & Hospitality 
What Big Data is, How Big Data is used in tourism management, How Big Data can inform on changing travel patterns in Maine and beyond.


3) Out of the Twilight and Into the Light: Portland’s LGBTQ+ History
Presenter: Megan MacGregor, Instruction and Outreach Librarian
Understanding the advantages of using primary sources for research, Learn about key Maine LGBTQ+ collections in USM’s Special Collections, Importance of LGBTQ+ and other minority history


4) Planetary Health is About Your Health (and the planet's health, of course)
Presenter: Paula V Nersesian, PhD, MPH, RN, Assistant Professor
Describe the meaning of the term planetary health, learn at least one thing about planetary health that they can apply in higher education, advocate for policy change in Maine that will benefit the planet and people.