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Research & Scholarship Symposium 2022: Lightning Talks: Wednesday February 9th

12:00-1:00pm Lightning Talks

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1) Beyond “Sectional Superiority”: Memorializing Black History in Northern New England
Presenter:Eve Raimon, PhD, Professor of English 
If 21st century African American memorials are any judge, that narrative is under increasing scrutiny;  Recent commemorations attempt to correct the visual and historical record of the suppression and expulsion of African Americans by erecting memorials that celebrate New England’s Black history.


2) Pathways to a Podcast 
Presenter: Maureen Perry, Anna Faherty, and Julia Rhinelander, Research Librarians 
A potential outlet for creative activity, a low-barrier means of presenting research, and a sense of the power of narrative


3) Hand Gesture Recognition Using Computer Vision Algorithms 
Presenter: Nick Littlefield, Graduate Assistant
Learn what computer vision is and its applications. See how computer vision can be applied to a real-world problem and how it can be used to help people who cannot communicate verbally. Learn how image data can be used to help computers learn to understand hand gestures.


4) Restorative Justice in Cumberland County: Accountability and Community
Presenter: Rachel Casey, PhD, Assistant Professor of Social Work
Audience members will learn about a unique restorative justice program that responds to systemic issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Audience members will learn about the potential benefits of restorative justice as an alternative to traditional approaches to justice. Audience members will learn how restorative justice practices promote individual and community accountability and connection