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CloudLibrary (e-books & audiobooks): CloudLibrary

As part of Maine Infonet, USM provides students, faculty, & staff with free access to thousands of e-books & audiobooks for your reading & listening pleasure!

Sample E-books & Audiobooks

The American Agent

CloudLibrary Devices

Compatible devices:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Smart Phones
  • Nook Readers
  • Kobo eReaders
  • Kindle Fire (2nd generation or newer)
  • IPhones, IPad, IPod Touch

Non-compatible devices:

  • eInk Kindles (e.g. Kindle E-Reader, Paperwhite)
  • IPods
  • Mp3 players that do not support apps

Download the CloudLibrary app

CloudLibrary Tutorial on an iPad (Rockport Public Library)


Selected CloudLibrary Features

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why won't my USM ID card Library number work?
Call USM Libraries & to have your Library barcode activated. 780-4270
How long can I checkout e-books & audiobooks?
E-books & audiobooks can be checked out for 21 days.
How many e-books & audiobooks can I check out?
You can check out a total of 3.
Is there only 1 copy available of each item?
Yes, in most cases.
Can I return an e-book or audiobook early?
Yes. Go to My Books and click on the Return button next to that item.
What happens when an e-book or audiobook is due?
The book will return automatically.
Will I ever be fined for an overdue item?
How many Holds can I have at one time?
You can place up to 3 Holds.
How do Holds work?
When you place a Hold on an item, the screen will display the maximum number of days you will wait.
(e.g. #patrons placing Holds x 21 days; so, 2 patron Holds x 21 = 42 days) However, since patrons often return items early, you probably won't be waiting the full time. Your Holds will appear under My Books then click Holds.
How do I get notified a Hold item is ready?
You'll get a message in your Message tab.
If you enter your email address under Settings, you'll get an email.
You have 3 days to checkout the item on Hold.
How do I cancel a Hold?
Go to My Books, click on Holds, and click on Remove Hold next to the item.
Can I renew an item?
No, but, you can check it out again immediately, if there are no Holds. Otherwise, place a Hold.
Can I print out an e-book?
Where are the controls on the e-book?
Tap the middle of the e-book & you should see them.
Can I download an e-book or audiobook to my desktop?
No. However, you can download to a portable device.
If I switch devices, will CloudLibrary know where I stopped?
Yes. Your devices are synched in CloudLibrary.
If I download the book to my device, will I still need wifi access?
What is the source of the star rating on a title?
Star ratings are based on other CloudLibrary user ratings.
Why isn't the collection larger?
Many of the large publishers do not sell to libraries. When they do, the prices are higher for libraries than individuals.
How do I make an e-book or audiobook suggestion?
Under Filters, click e-books and/or audiobooks, then Suggestions. Search for a CloudLibrary title that USM doesn't have & click Suggest to Library button.
Should I update CloudLibrary software, when asked?
Yes. CloudLibrary regularly updates the software to improve your experience.
How can I learn more about CloudLibrary?
Checkout the videos, News and Help, and other info and links on this LibGuide.

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