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RefWorks: Home / "New" Refworks

Current Status of Refworks at USM

USM's subscription to Refworks will end on June 30, 2019.  Please follow the directions below to export your references to Zotero, or contact us if you need help migrating.  If you are a Legacy Refworks user, please click the "Legacy Refworks" tab above for alternate instructions.


Log in to New Refworks here.                 Ask for password help here.

Migrating your Refworks citations - Step 1

Note: These instructions for migrating your citations assume that you have a Zotero account set up and running.  (see box at right to install Zotero and create an account).

Step 1: Select the folder/group of references you want to export and under the "share" menu select "Export references"

Migrating your Refworks citations - Step 2

Step 2: On the next screen, select the "RIS Format" option.

Migrating your Refworks citations - Step 3

Step 3: Your Zotero library will open with the dialog box shown below; click "OK" to import your file.

Migrating your Refworks citations - Step 4

Step 4: The folder with your recent exports will be selected; rename it if desired.

Managing Your Citations with Zotero