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Research Skills Toolbox: Scholarly Articles

Peer Review

Comparing Scholarly, Trade, & Popular

Trade or
Magazines or

The document below has a chart describing the differences between these publications.

Sample Scholarly Articles

What does a scholarly article look like?

North Carolina State University has created an interactive tutorial...Anatomy of Scholarly Article. Click on each highlighted section to display important clues.

Scholarly articles can vary in their appearance. Additional examples are below.

Academic Search Complete: Finding Scholarly Articles

Academic Search Complete (ASC) is a database including both scholarly (peer-reviewed) and non-scholarly publications. To limit your search to scholarly journals, be sure to check the box. 

Scholarly Check Box

Note: Some scholarly search results may include items (book reviews, letters, etc.) that are not scholarly articles.

Learning Objective - Scholarly Articles

After watching the following video by Libby Bischof, Associate Professor of History and Director of Osher Mapy Library then view the following videos, read the documents, and do the online tutorial and print exercise. Then do the quiz.

After completing this module, the student will be able to describe how the peer-review process works,describe the key characteristics of scholarly, trade, and popular articles, and identify the parts of a scholarly article. Becoming familiar with the characteristics of scholarly articles and how they differ from trade articles and popular articles will help when doing research.

Instructional Video - What Is Peer Review?

Check Your Knowledge

Now that you've watched videos about scholarly articles and the peer-review process, learned the characteristics of different types of publications and articles, and have an understanding why scholarly articles are important, watch the video below that ties it all together. Then do the six question online quiz.


Exercise 1 - Open up and print out Scholarly Articles Exercise I.
Open up Scholarly Articles Exercise I Readings to do the Exercise.

Scholarly Articles Quiz

When you have completed the quiz and attained a score of 70% or higher, you will be able to receive a certificate. You can print or download the quiz certificate. Your instructor will tell you whether to print out the quiz certificate and bring to class or to download the quiz certificate, save the file, and send as an attachment to an email or upload in Blackboard.