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Company Research for Interviews and Job Fairs: Business Premium Collection

Business Premium Collection

1) On either the basic or advanced search page, type the name of the company you want to look up in the search box and click Search.

2) In your search results, use the "Publication date" slider to limit to just the last few years (or even one year if you have a lot of results!)

3) You can now go up to Source type, also in the left sidebar, and click More under the list of source types displayed.

Some of the source types you may want to look at are:

Trade Journals: These are like magazines, but published by and for people working in a specific field. They contain important news that is relevant to the field, summaries of new research, and trends and predictions for the field. These are great resources for discovering how people who work in the field are talking about the company and what it is doing.

Newspapers: What has the company done lately that has made it to a general news release?

Reports: This is a broad category and sources of the reports vary, but if you can find one from Hoover's Company Records it will contain financial statements, competitors, and industries the company is active in.