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Company Research for Interviews and Job Fairs: IBISWorld


The best way to search IBISWorld for company information is by using the search bar in the "Start your search here" box on the main IBISWorld page.

Searching for the company's name will bring up the relevant industries that company operates in. For example, a search for Patagonia will bring up "Hiking & Outdoor Equipment in the US."

Search for your company of interest and choose one of the industry reports in the results list.

The industry report will give you a good idea of the overall sector your company is operating within. There are tabs across the top of the report to navigate to different content areas - the "Major Companies" tab will be of particular interest. If your company is one of the major ones in this industry it will get a detailed writeup here, but even if it is not, you can find some good information about your company's competitors in this section.

You may also want to go to the "Industry Performance" tab and look at the Key External Drivers to get a sense of what outside forces may be impacting your company.