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COR 101: Co-Curricular Learning Lab: Documenting your sources

Should I cite?

Should I cite flowchart

Flowchart used with permission of Cardiff University Library.

Why cite your sources?

USM's Academic Integrity Policy is one reason, but not the only one.

We cite in order to:

  • give credit to those whose work we use
  • facilitate our readers' efforts to find out more about the topic
  • show where our work fits into the scholarly conversation about the topic
  • document that we have researched our topic and based our conclusions on credible sources

Citation Styles

Any information you use that comes from another source has to be properly cited. The following provide assistance in how to cite and how to avoid plagiarism.

A Writer's Reference, 7th Edition
POR and GOR Reference PE1408 .H2778 2011 
Includes sections on composing and revising, design, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, writing, and documentation. Research and Documentation Online (link below) includes online help.

Looking for a shortcut?

Many of our databases provide you with help formatting your citations according to APA, MLA, or other citation styles. 

In the EBSCO databases (Academic Search Complete, Historical Abstracts, PsycInfo), when you print, email, or save your citations, you can change the setting from the default "standard field format" to "citation format", and then choose the style you want.

Citation Tools