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Information Literacy Tutorial: Post Test

Wrap Up

You should now know how to easily choose a topic. You should also be able to find authoritative books and journal articles about it with relative ease. Just remember that to access any of our databases from off-campus you need your student ID and it must have been activated.

You also know that you must cite your sources using the citation style your instructor has specified and if you don't cite your sources you could be found guilty of plagiarizing, which is a serious matter.

Remember that test you took at the beginning of this process? You know, the one you bombed on? Well, you going to take it again now and you will probably pass it with flying colors this time, because you have learned a lot since then. If you still don't do well though, don't worry. You can just repeat this process. Sometimes it takes a second try.

The librarians at USM are always eager to help you find the information you need, either in person, by phone, email, or online using our chat service. Click on Ask A Librarian on the library homepage and we'll help you in any way we can.

Now, please...

Take your test