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University of Southern MaineLibraries

Information Literacy Tutorial: Pre-Test

Pre - test

Introductory Test



                                      THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS !!!!





        4.     Your professors are driving you nuts. You need to talk to a human being to get information for a dreaded term paper.  You:     a)  instant message a USM librarian  b) call a USM Librarian    c) go see a USM Librarian  d) e-mail a USM librarian  e) any of the above


         5.    Your professors are still driving you nuts. Now they want you to find peer reviewed articles. You go to:      a) Wikipedia    b)  google    c) databases    d)  all of the above


         6.   This professor is a stickler about the bibliography at the end of my term paper on courtship behavior of earthworms. I need to see examples….where do I look?    A) Hacker website    b)  aspirin shelf at grocery store  c) USM plagiarism website  d) earthworm book 


         7.   I heard you can get books sent to Gorham (or Portland ) from other Maine libraries. To do this you use:     a) illiad   b)  library reserves   c) request function  d) phone  d) e-mail 


         8.    I heard there’s a restaurant in the Portland campus library. What’s up?   A) full menu with bar   b) yes, next to the swimming pool   c) not in your wildest dreams   d) it’s actually a café with vending machines


         9. When I graduate may I still use the USM Library?     A) no, the library is only for USM students and staff   b) yes, anyone may come to the USM Libraries  c)  only if you pay the annual $4000 fee   d) yes, but only twice/month  e) all  of the above


        10.  I find everything I need on Google. Why bother with the library?    A) right on, libraries are for fuddy duddies, not my generation   b)  because there’s TONS of stuff NOT on Google that’s only available thru the library’s web site   c) because all USM Libraries also have a fitness center and swimming pool  d)  the library serves free ice cream every day at noon  e) none of the above


        11.    I need to see a newspaper from the day I was born and the day Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Will the library have them?      A) fat chance   b) day you were born, yes; Lincoln, no, too old    c)  yes  d)  yes, but only accessible Monday thru Wednesday  


        12.     What’s this Article Linker thing anyway?      A) a way to learn whether USM has a subscription to a particular journal   b)  a system for finding 101 level articles on any topic  c)  a way to find other articles on the same subject as the first one   d) all of the above


        13.     I don’t have a library card. What do I do?        A)  your credit card works, use it  b)  come to the library—they’ll sell you one    c) you DO have a library card; it’s your USM picture ID   d) you DO have a library card; it’s your driver’s license  e) all of the above


        14.    Library….USM has a library?    A) no, USM uses the Library of Congress for all library services   b)  no, USM uses a central library facility based in Maine’s capitol, Augusta   c)  USM has libraries on all three USM campuses  d) USM had a library until 1992 when budget constraints eliminated it  e) none of the above


        15.   What’s this I hear about Cookie Day at the USM Libraries?     A) a pipedream  b) every day of the year free cookies may be had by asking any staff member  c) once a year the library staff makes homemade cookies for the students, usually sometime during the week before Fall finals   d)  students are required to provide cookies for the library staff to get help, usually runs from September through May.


Question 1

  1. You want to get up to the minute articles on energy consumption in the US and you go to the library’s databases (let’s imagine you’re at home)…what number must you type to “get in?”


Question 1
social security: 0 votes (0%)
bar code number from USM picture ID: 4 votes (80%)
credit card: 1 votes (20%)
universally recognized USM number 66890235: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 5

Question 2

You need a new textbook for a class. Will the library have it?

Question 2
yes, the library purchases all textbooks students use: 2 votes (50%)
occasionally the library has a text that a professor chooses to use: 2 votes (50%)
no, the library has no texts: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 4

Question 3

Books are expensive…you decide to see if the library has a copy of Shakespeare’s Hamlet you may borrow.  Since you are at home you log onto:

Question 3
Amazon: 0 votes (0%) 0 votes (0%)
Ursus: 6 votes (100%)
Academic Book Search: 0 votes (0%) 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 6