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NUR 100: Intro to Professional Nursing (Zuckerman): Avoiding Plagiarism

Why cite your sources?

USM's Academic Integrity Policy is one reason, but not the only one.

We cite in order to:

  • give credit to those whose work we use
  • facilitate our readers' efforts to find out more about the topic
  • show where our work fits into the scholarly conversation about the topic
  • document that we have researched our topic and based our conclusions on credible sources

Notetaking tips

Fixing the URL at the end of a reference (from the CITE feature)

If the CITE feature in CINAHL gives you a URL like this one

  1. Take everything after the ".edu"
  2. Add "" in front of it.

Then your DOI should look like this

Add it to the end of your APA reference.  This sample APA reference should look like this

Espejo-Reina, A., Carrascal-Morillo, M. T., & Delgado-Martínez, A. D. (2021).

Comparison of two different ways to apply a circular plaster cast for distal radius fractures: Biomechanical study. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Research16(1), 1–6.