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University of Southern MaineLibraries

PSY 206: Experimental Methodology Lab: Our Library Session

Asynchronous Instructions

Because we are not going through this page in a classroom, Please complete each part of the PsycINFO Practice, watch the video tutorials, and complete your exit ticket to give me feedback on how I can improve your learning experience!  Also feel free to ask me questions through the forms (include your email address) or email me directly at

Always let me know if I can be of further assistance with your research!

Best regards,

Tim Lynch

Learning objectives for this class

After our library session, you will be able to:

- Locate PsycInfo from the library homepage

- Know how to log in to PsycInfo from off campus

- Construct a PsycInfo search that retrieves a reasonable number of relevant results

- Use Article Linker successfully most of the time

- Determine whether USM has an article for which you already have a citation

- Get in touch with a live library staff member who will be able to help if all else fails