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NUR 421 & 543: Reproductive and Sexual Health Nursing: Library Session

Learning objectives for this class

After our library session, you will be able to: 

- Know how to log in to USM's subscription databases from off campus

- Find the CINAHL, PubMed, and Opposing Viewpoints databases from the library's homepage

- Construct a search in CINAHL that retrieves a reasonable number of relevant results

- Use Article Linker and ILLiad when an article is not available.

- Get in touch with a live library staff member who will be able to help if all else fails

Activity - Practice Searching

PICO Scenario: Is brief sexuality-related counselling (BSC) (I) more effective than the usual standard of care (C) in preventing unintended pregnancy (O) in adolescents (P)?

  1. Using this scenario, think of 2-3 keywords that are most relevant to this PICO question
  2. For each of these keywords, brainstorm at least 1-2 related terms or synonyms for your search
    1. Use the Boolean operators AND and OR to group these terms together. For instance, (Keyword A OR Synonym A1) AND (Keyword B OR Synonym B1 OR Synonym B2)
    2. Example: (peanut butter OR pb) AND (jelly OR jam OR preserves)
  3. Choose either CINAHL or PubMed and test your search using the search bar
  4. Use the filters for the database to narrow down your results to within the last 5 years
  5. Find at least one peer-reviewed original research article that addresses the original PICO question

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