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CMS 495: Communication Capstone: Making sense of a bibliography

Making sense of a bibliography

So now what?

For the BOOKS (titles highlighted in yellow), you will check in URSUS , where you can search by the title.  This is the approach even if you want just a chapter/essay in a collection, as in the example of the Gabarino article at the bottom of the page.  For a book by a single author or group of authors, like the first one, you can also search by author, but in the case of the last example, you would not check URSUS for the author of the desired article, but rather by the name(s) of the editor(s) of the book.


For the JOURNAL ARTICLES, check for the journal title using the Journals & eBooks tab on the library home page


For post-1990 publications that list a government agency or a non-profit organization as the publisher (example highlighted in green), it makes sense to try the Web first, making sure to enclose the title in quotes.