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Using InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(which are now less frequent, since we put this box here!)

What's ILLiad?

ILLiad is the name of our online inter-library loan interface. It is how you make requests for and receive materials.

When not stylized as ILLiad, it also refers to an ancient Greek epic poem concerned with the Trojan War and attributed to Homer.

How long does it take?

This depends on what was requested. For most sources that are available digitally, 1-2 days. For physical items, such as books, a couple weeks.

How much does it cost?

Most requests are free to all current USM students, faculty, and staff.

When filling out the request form, always set the 'maximum cost' to $0.00. In the rare instances there is a fee, we will contact you, tell you the fee, and ask if you still want the material.

What kinds of materials can I request?

  • Journal, Newspaper, & Magazine Articles
  • Book chapters (incl. e-book chapters)
  • Physical books
  • Pages from reference books
  • Music scores
  • Films & audio recordings

What kinds of materials can't I request?

  • Streaming Videos
  • Datasets
  • Archival Materials
  • Rare or reference materials
  • Unique objects (statues, singular works of fine art, etc.)


How do I reset my ILLiad password?

Reset your password.

I forgot my username!

Contact the InterLibrary Loan office at (207) 228-8449 or (207) 780-5343 .

Book with motion lines to the left.Are you having trouble finding the full-text for articles? Do you need an article from a journal USM doesn’t own? Keep finding articles listed as "Citation Online"? A resource you thought was available turned out not to be? Need a book you can't find in our catalog? Or a book from an out-of-state library?

Login to ILLiad

Getting Started with Interlibrary Loan

If you don't already have an ILLiad account...'ll need to sign up for one. This is a separate system from other University systems, so you should use a separate password. You can also use a separate username. If you do, just remember it. We suggest you use the same username as your e-mail (the before part) and a different password. You can use the “Create an account” link to initiate this process.

The small black numbers below the barcode are your library barcode

...But what's my library barcode number?

Your library barcode number can be found as a set of smaller numbers printed in black below the barcode on your USM ID. It can also be found in the My USM Portal under Technology & Resources by clicking on either Card View or Libraries.

The USM ID as it appears in the USM Portal.
You can also find your library barcode in the MyCampus Portal, under Technology & Resources.

But I don't have an ID...'ll need to make arrangements with Card Services to get an ID.

I have an ID, but my number isn't showing up in the Portal...

...If you have an ID you may call our Circulation staff and get it ‘activated’ for use as a library card. This is supposed to happen automatically, but sometimes an ID gets missed.

I have an ID from a non-USM campus of the University of Maine System...

...sorry, but non-USM IDs don't work with our inter-library loan system. There are two alternatives that may be helpful:

  1. If you are enrolled in a USM class, get a USM ID.
  2. Ask your campus' interlibrary loan office if they would be willing to send it to a USM campus for pick up. This may involve extra work for them and us, so ask nicely and remember to say ‘thank you’. If they are, place the request through your campus' interlibrary loan system with a note asking it to be transferred to whichever USM campus you wish to pick it up at.