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Using InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

Step 1: Identifying Articles You Will Need To Request

Search result labeled as citation online.

If you see an item in OneSearch where it is listed as "Citation Online" (circled in red above) then you will need to request this via Inter-Library Loan (ILL). Luckily, OneSearch makes this extremely easy to do, provided you've already set up your ILLiad account .

Step 2: Use the Request Function

Accessing an article's request action in OneSearch.

If you click on the title of the item and then look on the right-hand menu, you should see a "Request" option (circled in red above).
Click on this and you will be taken to IILiad.

Step 3: Submit Your Request

If necessary, login. You will find most or all the required fields have been filled out. Check them for accuracy and fill out any required fields not automatically filled.

For “Max Cost” we advise you select $0.00 for max cost. If there is a cost to get an item (this is pretty rare), then you will be notified for approval first.

“Campus Pick-up Location,” shows up when an item will need to be delivered physically, for example, a book or musical score. In these cases, just pick the campus you wish to pick it up from. All articles and book chapters are delivered electronically.