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Zoterobib: For a Quick Bibliography: Home

Easy to use citation generator when you have just a few sources.

Zoterobib - Always check citations

Whenever you use a citation generator,
always double check the citations for accuracy!

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When to use ZoteroBib?


Use Zoterobib when you:

  • Have to create a short bibliography
  • Don't want to install anything
  • Don't need all the Zotero features

Zoterobib FAQ's
REMEMBER: Zoterobib will NOT be saved in a Zotero account. If you are using a USM computer or public computer, you may want to upload your bibliography to Zoterbib and have a link created. Then you can access it from anywhere or share with someone else.

Zoterobib is EASY to use (Ohio U). Watch this short video.

How Zoterobib works. (Jason Puckett, Georgia State U)

Screenshot of the Cite toolbar in ZoteroBib.

Go to

In the "Cite" bar, enter either the URL for a web source, the ISBN of a book, the DOI or PMID number of an article, or the title of a source. (Numbers sometimes work better than titles.) If none of those work, you can click Manual Entry and fill in the blanks.

Your bibliography appears on the page as you add sources. Use the blue bar to choose your citation style.

Screenshot of a short bibliography generated by ZoteroBib

Delete a source by mousing over it and clicking the X button that appears to the right.

To create an in-text citation or footnote, click the copy button to the right of the source and enter the page number you're citing. Then click Copy Citation and paste it into your document.

Screenshot of the in-text citation function of ZoteroBib.