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*Adult and Higher Education Guide: Course Lists

Adult Education Courses

U.S.M.’s Master of Science in

Adult and Higher Education


Course List


Basic Core   (All Three Are Required)

     EDU 600   Research Methods and Techniques
     HRD 600   History and Philosophy of Adult Education
     HRD 631   The Adult Learner


Middle Core  (Choose Three of Six)

     HRD 550    Uses of Technology in Adult Learning
     HRD 601    Marketing Training and Adult Education
     HRD 630    Facilitating Adult Learning
     HRD 633    Managing Adult Education and Human Resource Development
     HRD 636    Planning Programs for Adult Learners
     HRD 667    Action Research and Evaluation Methodologies


Field-Based Practice Courses (Choose One of Two)

     HRD 687   Internship in Adult and Higher Education
     HRD 698   Directed Study in Adult and Higher Education


Capstone Seminar  (Required)

     HRD 649 Seminar in Adult Education and Human Resource Development



Electives (Choose Four)  With the exception of PPM 615/HRD 615, which is taught by a faculty member in the Muskie School of Public Service, the following courses are facilitated by Adult and Higher Education Program faculty. All of these are 100% online with the exception of HRD 500 (on-campus) and PPM/HRD 615 (blended).

     HRD 500    College Mental Health

     HRD 551    Spirituality in Adult and Higher Education   

     HRD 554    Foundations of Academic Advising
     HRD 555    Introduction to Student Affairs in Higher Education        
     HRD 557    The Older Learner   

     PPM 615/HRD 615    Organizational Leadership        
     HRD 639    The Heart of Teaching     
     HRD 646    Global Perspectives of Adult Education and Practices
     HRD 699    Independent Study

     After consulting with their faculty advisor students may also choose courses offered by other programs in the School of Education and Human Development or elsewhere at U.S.M. in order to fulfill requirements for State of Maine administrator certification or meet other professional and/or personal goals. Some of these courses may be offered in blended or traditional face-to-face formats. The following is only a partial list of courses outside of the Adult and Higher Education Program that students may take as electives:

     EDU 559    Aspects of Reading for Multilingual Learners
     EDU 561    Aspects of the English Language
     EDU 562    Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
     EDU 671    Organizational Behavior
     EDU 678    School Law (certification)
     EDU 679    Evaluation and Supervision of School Personnel (certification)
     EDU 683    School Finance
     HCE 604    Career Development (certification)    



     To discuss details about U.S.M.’s graduate program in Adult and Higher Education, either the Master of Science (the structure of which is shown in this document) or the Certificate in Advance Studies (= 30 a credit post-master’s credential), please contact program coordinator Mike Brady at (207) 780-5312 or