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*Occupational Therapy: Evidence-Based Practice

Library and web resources to support the Occupational Therapy program.

About Evidence Based Practice

AOTA Evidence-Based Resources

AOTA's website has an excellent EBP Resource Directory, as well as an Evidence Exchange for CAPs. CATs are found in the EBP Topics. Use your student AOTA login to access these.


AOTA has also published a series of EBP can find these in URSUS by doing a title or keyword search for Practice guidelines series. Note: all the current guidelines are Reference:Library Use Only.

Other EBP Websites or Search Engines

Core Databases

Other Databases

Other ways to search PubMed

Finding the Evidence

Exhaustive Search Checklist

Using a Thesaurus or Subject Headings

 If you see a promising article, look at the Subject Headings in the database record.  They are the major focus of the article, and might lead you to other useful articles.


Some databases have a feature that lets you search for Subject Headings.  PsycINFO has a Thesaurus

PsycINFO Thesaurus


CINAHL has CINAHL Headings



Using References and Times Cited

If you find one good article, you may want to check out the references,  Also, other articles may have cited it (Times Cited).