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SciFinder-n Database Guide: Home

SciFinder-n is a database created by the Chemical Abstracts Society (CAS) as a complete chemistry information resource. It's meant to help you prepare for research projects by providing you with trusted sources on substances, reactions, and references. 

SciFinder-n is an update of SciFinder. For more information on what's changed see the What's New tab in this guide.

NOTICE: SciFinder may be used only for educational or academic research activities. All USM users must comply with the terms of the SciFinder license agreement, which will appear on each login. Your use of this database may be monitored by Chemical Abstracts Service. They may terminate access for all USM SciFinder account holders if they detect possible misuse.

Why do I need a SciFinder-n account?

SciFinder-n is a little different from other databases in USM's collection. It requires added security so in order to access it you need to create a personal account. One reason for this is that SciFinder-n gives users the ability to make purchases.

Log in not working?

Try clearing your cache or browsing history.


That will often fix the problem, but if not contact USM Libraries Research & Instruction for more help.