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University of Southern MaineLibraries

LGBTQA+ Resources at USM

Information and links to resources for LGBTQA+ folks and their allies.


Welcome to as close as you'll get to the big gift basket.

Whether you're questioning, want to learn more about yourself, someone you love, or how to be a better ally we got all the stuff. Use the navigation bar on the left to access the resources you're interested in.

In Understanding you'll find info on the basics of LGBTQA+

In Questioning is info for you if you think you might be LGBTQA+

In Ally is info and resources to help you grow in that roll

In Safe Zone are resources for you if you just completed the training and are ready to continue your growth

In Books and More are resources and information on how to find LGBTQA+ things in the USM Libraries

In Resources and Orgs are listing and links to resources at USM, Maine, and in the United States.