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Anti-Racism : Additional Anti-Racism Resources

Information for students, faculty, and staff about anti-racism.

Anti-Racism Resources - Videos and Movies

For those who have individual subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming services, you may want to check out whether your subscription has temporary free access to anti-racist movies.

Angela Davis on Human Rights in the 21st Century (50 min.)

"We are Not Now Living the Dream: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Human Rights in the 21st Century" at the Vanderbilt University Law School.

Conversations with Latinos on Race (7 min.)

Discrimination in America: The Native American Experience (1 hr. 6 min.)

What's it Like to be a Muslim in America (16 min.)

LibGuides from other Colleges & Universities

Some links on these LibGuides may not work, as the link is created to work for that school's population. However, you can use these resources as a reference and find them at USM Libraries. If you need assistance, please contact Ask A Librarian.