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Finding Funding with Pivot: Saving & Tracking Searches & Opportunities

Saving, Tracking, & Sharing

Saving a Search

After you have run a basic or advanced search with keywords and whatever other limiters you have chosen, you can save the search. This allows you to easily re-run the search at any time with one click, and you can also choose to have Pivot send you a weekly email with newly added opportunities that match your search.

After you have run your search, look for the Save Search link at the top of the results list:


You can then give your search a name and choose whether to have Pivot email you weekly with new opportunities that match your search:

Track and Share Opportunities

Pivot also allows you to track and share grant opportunities that you find. You will receive alerts when the deadlines of tracked opportunities are getting close, and you can easily access all of your tracked opportunities at any time.

From within a funding opportunity's record, these options are on the upper right:

Clicking Track will save this to your tracked list. See below for more information on the tracked list.

Share will allow you to email this opportunity to someone else. They do not have to have a Pivot account in order for you to email them.

Curate will add this opportunity to a list you create. This is useful if you want to be able to divide your Tracked list into multiple categories (for example, for different projects).

Using the "See more opps like this" link can also help you discover additional relevant funding opportunities that might not have come up in your initial search.

Accessing Your Tracked Searches & Opportunities

From the Pivot homepage, after you have signed in, your Tracked Opportunities and Saved Searches are easily accessible: