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University of Southern Maine
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SWO 505: Social Work Research I: Find Books

Library Catalogs

URSUS and other library catalogs can help you locate books, government documents, and videos.

The online catalog of materials located at the seven campus libraries of the the University of Maine system.

  • Search by keyword for best results.
  • Items located at other URSUS libraries can be requested online
  • Do not use to find journal articles (use the library Databases instead).
  • For information on using the catalog, consult the URSUS tutorial.

The statewide catalog that combines and links library collections across Maine, including University of New England.

A national and international catalog of books, Internet sites, audio-visual sources, government documents, CD-ROMs and more.

  • Search by keyword to find relevant essays or chapters in edited books. Limit your search to English, if applicable, to eliminate materials that will not be useful to you.

Suggested Titles in the USM Libraries (Print)

This is a partial list of books in USM Libraries own that contain or review research instruments or have helpful information on measurement. Please pay attention to the location information given below, as some of these are reference books while others are in the "regular" stacks, and the list includes items from all three USM libraries - Portland, Gorham, and Lewiston.

Suggested Titles in the USM Libraries (E-books)