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SWO 505: Social Work Research I: Cite Sources

Citation Tools

  • Zotero 
    (an open-source Firefox extension)
  • EndNote Web  
      Available from Web of Knowledge/Web of Science databases. An EndNote Web Library lets you:
    * Add references to your EndNote Web Library directly from Web of Science & other ISI Web of Knowledge products.
    * Organize references in folders for access & use at any time--collections are retained between sessions.
    * Create formatted reference lists in a variety of publishing styles.

Plagiarism and Paraphrasing

Is it Plagiarism?

  • It's not always easy to identify
  • It's not always intentional
  • It can have serious consequences

Example 1
A student copies two sentences from an article they found online and pastes them into the introduction of their research paper without a citation.

Example 2

A student cites a quote from the author of an article, but forgets to put quotation marks around the passage in the text.

Example 3

A student submits a paper that they wrote in a previous class again because the assignment is similar.

Example 4

A student rephrases another author's idea and changes a few words to synonyms and credits the source.


How Do I Paraphrase?

  • Pull out the central ideas of the text
  • Make them your own, with your own interpretations
  • Watch the structure of the sentence

"Future research should address how these relaxation techniques can assist people in diverse groups and how the impact of relaxation techniques may be amplified if treatments are delivered in the group setting over time."

 The author claims research into muscular isolation and stress relief will benefit from a perspective of cultural diversity, as well as the probable positive therapeutic effects of long-term research of these techniques in group therapy. (Greenbaum, 2019, p. 8)

Citation Styles

Accurate, properly formatted footnotes and bibliographies are indicators of good academic research, and the ethical/legal use of information. The sources listed here provide assistance in following correct citation methods and in avoiding plagiarism.

APA 7th from American Psychological Association website

Plagiarism: What it is and How to Recognize and Avoid it (Indiana University)

Plagiarism Examples (Indiana University School of Education)