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Resources for Criminology Research

Why use library databases?

 We recommend that you start your research with library databases for several reasons:

1) They are consistent in describing publications; you don't have to worry about finding a citation that's missing a volume or page number.

2) They are clear about what they do - you know the time period covered, the journal titles included, etc.

3) They usually have clear links - via the Article Linker button - to the online full text that USM Libraries has purchased.

4) Contrary to what a lot of people think, there is a lot of information that isn't on the open web.  And some of that information IS in our subscription databases.

Database Tutorials

Online Indexes and Databases

These indexes and databases help you identify journal articles and other publications relevant to your research topics.

eJournals & eBooks

You can search for specific Journals by title using our eJournal & eBooks Search below

You can also look though our eJournal collection by Browsing by Subject.

eJournals & EBooks Search

You'll find Criminology under Social Sciences--Social Welfare & Social Work--Criminology, Penology & Juvenile Delinquency

Electronic Journal Search Tool

Find journals by title or ISSN


Get articles USM doesn't have

If you can't get access to an article or book, you can request a copy from outside our library with InterLibrary Loan. It's free but you'll need to create a user name and password.