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Loading Microfilm

The Canon Microfilm scanner 400 is located on the 2nd Floor of UMS Gorham Library.

It is connected to a printed below the machine.

Ask one of the librarians for help loading and operating the scanner.

We strongly recommend making an appointment before coming to use the Scanner.

Call at (207) 780-5345



When you have found a reel of microfilm you would like to look at, Start by turning the scanner on.

button on front of scanner

Load the auto carrier with the film you want to view


Loading the Auto Carrier

1. Gently push the microfilm reel all the way onto the spindle.  The film should unroll over the top, clockwise.

2. Manually feed the film under the left black roller, the glass plate, and the right black roller until it reaches the take-up reel on the right.

image of how to load the microfilm

3. Hold the blue auto-feed button to the left until the film advances.

[This usually fails, requiring manual feeding. Please ask staff for assistance.]

4. Using the silver handle on the front right, gently push the roll carrier back into the machine to align the view on the screen.

5. Turn the large brown knob on the front of the machine clockwise to advance the film: counterclockwise to rewind.

knob on front right hand side of scanner

When finished, pull the carrier forward, rewind the microfilm, remove the original reel of film and return it to its proper box.

  Tip: Only unbox one reel at a time to avoid mix-ups.

Adjusting the image:

You have three wheels to help get a better view. From the top down they are:

Ajustment wheel for Canon

1. Rotating the Image

2. Zooming in and out

3. Focusing the image


Printing Image

The only way you can save images on the Scanner is by printing them.

The image that appears on the screen is the one that will be printed.

Select a positive or negative type film.
Press the Negative/Positive key to select a film mode. There should be a light next to the type that is currently selected.

Negative, positive and Auto icons