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Loading Microfilm

The ScanPro 2200 Microfilm & Microfiche reader is located on the 3rd floor of Glickman Library.

It's by the entrance to the A Staircase, and to the left as you exit the elevator.

Our microfilm & microfiche collections are also located on this floor.



When you have found a reel of film or a sheet of fiche you would like to look at, start by logging into the computer attached to the reader.

Go to the Start menu and scroll down to the PowerScan2200 Folder. Click on the folder to expand it and click on the red PowerScan icon Double click to start it.

Start menu scrolled down to P for Powerscan 2200

This program will allow you to advance and rewind the film, make adjustments to the image, and capture images

To load the microfilm:

Pull the glass tray of the ScanPro 2200 out towards you. The top glass plate should pop up.

Pull bottom tray of ScanPro 2200 forward to glass plates separate.

Start by loading the reel of film onto the left hand spool. Make sure the film's tail pulls out to the right.

Load the film so that the tail pulls out to the right

Work the film down and over the outside of the first wheel, then under and over the top of the two smaller wheels and across the glass plate. Repeat the process in reverse on the far side. Finish by securing the tail end of the film in the slit of the right hand spool.

pull film to the right, than over the first wheel, under and over the next set of wheels, Between the two glass plates and across, Across and under the next set of wheels, and over the last wheel and up locked into the spool.


Once the film is loaded, push the glass tray of the ScanPro 2200 towards the wall.

ScanPro pushed back into place
To load microfiche:

Pull the glass tray of the ScanPro 2200 out towards you. The top glass plate should pop up.

Place the sheet of microfiche between the two glass plates.

Push the glass tray of the ScanPro 2200 towards the wall.



Once the machine is loaded and you open PowerScan 2200 you will be asked to select your film type.


Adjusting the image

To scroll, use the controls at the bottom of the screen.

scroll button

Move the blue rectangle to make the reel of film scroll forward or back.

For fast forward or backwards use the two blue arrow keys.


The menu on the left hand side of the screen with four tabs: Home, Adjust, Output, and Setup.


    FILL TO WIDTH zooms in on the image in the green rectangle

    MANUAL STRAIGHTEN allow you to move the image to the left or right in small increments. If  

   you need to make a big change go to the ADJUST menu.

   BRIGHTNESS & CONTRAST will will lighten and darken the image on the screen. You can use  

   the AB button on the BRIGHTNESS button to automatically adjust it. 

















   ROTATE 90" this will help you flip your image so that it's the right way up. You can use the

   MANUAL STRAIGHTEN button to make minor adjustments.

   MIRROR will flip an image for you if the film is in backwards.

    ZOOM will zoom into a section of the screen. You can select which part with the AUTO CROP.

















output menu

   Output is how you save images from the screen.

   There are two ways to save your scans

   SCAN TO DRIVE #1 This will automatically save a PDF of the scan in 

    the My Scans folder on the desktop

    EXPORT This will open a screen with the default saving space as the

    My Scans folder on the desktop. But you can select a different one. 


Once you have a section you want to save selected in the green box on

    the screen, click either Scan to Drive #1 or Export.