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Microfilm & Microfiche Reader

A guide on how to use USMs microfilm and microfiche reader.

Collections at USM

Finding Microforms in the Library Catalog (URSUS)

Most of the Library's microform materials can be found by searching the Library Catalog, URSUS.

You can limit your search results by selecting "Microform" as a content type.

box next to Microform under Content type is checked


Once you find a microform you are interested in be sure to check:

the Location:

If we have it at USM Portland it will be on the 3rd floor of Glickman Library. EX: USM POR Microforms.

If USM does not have a copy, you can request it be sent to the USM library closest to you.

the Series.

This will tell you what microfilm collection the one you want lives in. The cases are labeled with these names. EX: American Culture Series.


Microfilm & Microfiche Collections at Glickman Library

The following collections are located on the 3rd floor of Glickman Library

Early American Imprints 1639-1800

Underground Newspaper Collection

Voices of Protest Collection

Runs of various academic journals


Boston Globe 1960 - 2007

Maine Times 1968 - 2002

New York Times 851 - 1854; 1874 - 1888; 1925; 1965 - 2008

Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram 1950 - 2007

Time Magazine 1923 - 1959

Times Literary Supplement Collection

Times (London) 1914 - 2007

Sunday TImes (London) 1975 - 2008

US News and World Reports 1967-2009

Wall Street Journal 1924 - 2007

Washington Post 1973 - 2007