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PSY 371: History and Systems of Psychology: Background Reading and Search strategy

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Developing a strategy

Some suggestions on approaching your research:

  • Keep a careful record of where and how you have searched (ie., reference books consulted, database or website name and search terms used) - it will save you time in the long run!  [There's an example of a research log here; you can also save your searches within the EBSCO and ProQuest databases.]
  • Keep track of the publications you've consulted by saving them in the library databases or using a citation manager such as Zotero.
  • Check the references in the articles and books you use - they may lead you to other useful resources.
  • Use subject encyclopedias, chronologies, and other background reading to help establish context and identify new terms that may be useful in your database/web searches. Keep track of the terms you generate using a Topic worksheet such as the one below.

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