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PSY 371: History and Systems of Psychology: Find Articles

Comparing Scholarly, Trade, & Popular Journals

Trade or
Magazines or

The document below has a chart describing the differences between these publications.

Reader's Guide

Readers' guide to periodical literature

  USM POR Great Reading Room  REF AI3 R48 
  v.1 (1900) - v.55 (1995) Seventh Floor

Online Indexes and Databases

If you don't have a particular journal or article in mind, but are hoping to find journal articles on your topic, go directly to one of the databases below. If you are looking for a particular article that you have already identified, type its title into Onesearch or check the Journal Titles listing available from the libraries homepage.

Finding "descendant" articles

Watch this short tutorial to find out how to find citing articles in Google Scholar.

Or click here to search for "descendant" (citing) articles in Web of Science:
WOS cited reference button

Article Linker & Full-Text

Article Linker icon

Watch this video to better understand how to get the full-text of an article, when you see the article linker icon.

Article Linker video title page