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*Mathematics & Statistics: Calculus A (MAT 152)

Course Description

The first course in a three-semester sequence covering basic calculus of real variables, Calculus A introduces the concept of limit and applies it to the definition of derivative and integral of a function of one variable. The rules of differentiation and properties of the integral are emphasized, as well as applications of the derivative and integral. This course will usually include an introduction to the transcendental functions and some use of a computer algebra system.


Here are a few links to help you students when you reach the "optimization" section of Calc A.

Handouts and Cheat Sheets

Video Tutorials

Introduction to Limits

Limits can be super tricky to understand in an introductory Calculus course, so here is a video introducing the idea. Lower on the page to the left, you will find more resources on working with limits.

How to Apply the Product Rule

Here's Sal showing us the Product Rule

The Chain Rule

A very basic yet powerful rule from Calculus A, here's Khan explaining it as only he can.

Indefinite Integration

An introduction to Indefinite Integration

M.I.T Calculus Lecture 1

Ah, what could be more appealing than getting MIT quality education for free? MMMM, nothing! Lecture 1 covers derivatives, slope, velocity and rate of change.  The yellow text box to the right contains links for further lectures from MIT.