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*Mathematics & Statistics: Beginning/Intermediate Algebra (Mat 101b)

Course Description

This course reviews and reinforces the basic arithmetic and algebra skills and concepts needed for entry into the University's general education pathways. The course is based on student learning outcomes and uses mastery learning pedagogy. A grade of C- or better is needed to meet the University's mathematics readiness requirement.

Prerequisites: MAT 9 or appropriate University placement test score.

More on Slope of a line

If the video to the right isn't exactly what you were looking for, try one of these links!

More on the Equation of a Line

If the video to the left about the equation of a line doesn't help you, then maybe try one of the following links:

Systems of Linear Equations

Here are a few links to videos that explain how to solve a system of equations:

Properties of Exponents

A lot of students have questions about exponents.  Here are some helpful videos that should explain to concept in some detail. Enjoy!

Order of Operations

A video to help with understanding the order of operations:

Slope of a Line

Another common question from MAT 101B students concerns liner equations and the slope of a line. Here are some videos that should help understand the concepts!

The Equation of a Line

Following directly from the slope of a line comes the equation of a line, so here are more resources!

More on Order of Operations and Properties

A link to another video on Order of Operations: