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*Mathematics & Statistics: College Algebra (Mat 108d)

Course Description

A more in-depth study of the topics introduced in MAT 101. The emphasis is on the study of functions (polynomial, rational, logarithmic, exponential) and their graphs. Additional topics may include matrices, sequences, counting techniques, and probability. Through the activity-based lab component, applications and modeling will be stressed.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the University's college readiness requirement in mathematics.

More on Quadratic Equations

More on Functions

Quadratic Equations

Frequently students have questions about quadratic equations.  Here is a video that may help clarify things. Enjoy!


Very important to the study of Mathematics is the idea of a function. Learn more about them here!

Inverse Functions

Very closely related to functions are Inverse functions. Here, more videos by Khan Academy help to explain the concepts.


Here Patrick finds the zeros of a polynomial