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Subject guide for Social Work

Recent Acquisitions

Multicultural Social Work Practice

A thorough exploration of diversity and social justice within the field of social work Multicultural Social Work Practice: A Competency-Based Approach to Diversity and Social Justice, 2nd Edition has been aligned with the Council on Social Work Education's 2015 Educational Policy and Standards and incorporates the National Association of Social Workers Standards of Cultural Competence. New chapters focus on theoretical perspectives of critical race theory, microaggressions and changing societal attitudes, and evidence-based practice on research-supported approaches for understanding the influence of cultural differences on the social work practice.

The Open Door: homelessness and severe mental illness in the era of community treatment

The Open Door: Homelessness and Severe Mental Illness in the Era of Community Treatment explains how and why homelessness among the mentally ill has persisted over the past 35 years, despite policy and program initiatives to end it. This ten-chapter book chronicles the unintended rise of homelessness in the wake of far-reaching post-World War II mental health care reforms, and highlights the key role of advocacy in spurring a governmental response to homelessness.  In addition to providers of housing and services to the homeless mentally ill, this text will appeal to policymakers, mental health professionals, and students of public health and social sciences.

Social Policy and Social Justice

The Penn School of Social Policy and Practice enjoys a reputation as Penn's social justice school, for its faculty actively strives to translate the highest ideals into workable programs that better people's lives. In this election year, as Americans debate issues like immigration, crime, mass incarceration, policing, and welfare reform, and express concerns over increasing inequality, tax policy, and divisions by race, sex, and class, "SP2," as the school is colloquially known, offers its expertise in addressing the pressing matters of our day. The practical solutions on offer in this volume showcase the judgment and commitment of the school's scholars and practitioners, working to change politics from blood sport to common undertakings.

Social Work Careers

The SAGE Guide to Social Work Careers presents first-hand stories from practitioners to help inform, inspire, and guide students to become advocates for social justice issues. With a unique focus on advocacy and social justice, the book covers fundamentals of the social work profession--from coalition building to advocacy engagement and stakeholder outreach--across a range of practice areas, such as mental health, substance abuse, and criminal justice. Students in BSW and MSW programs will gain practical knowledge that will prepare them to successfully navigate their way to a rewarding career.

Social Justice Theory and Practice for Social Work

This book offers a much-needed critical overview of the concept of social justice and its application in professional social work practice. Social justice has a rich conceptual genealogy in critical theory and political philosophy. For students, teachers and social workers concerned with empowerment, social change and human rights, this book provides a guide to the key ideas and thinkers, crucial historical developments and contemporary debates about social justice.

Finding Books

In order to find books held in the University of Maine System libraries you will need to consult URSUS, the online catalog. Because journal article citations are not individually included in URSUS, it is more effective to search databases for journal articles.

If you do not know the exact subject heading describing the topic you need, try doing a keyword search using terms related to your topic and then click on the subject heading links found within the relevant records to find additional, useful resources.

If the material you need is not available at the USM Libraries or online, the Libraries can usually obtain it for you. Books should be ordered through URSUS or MaineCat if possible; for journal articles and for books unavailable through URSUS or MaineCat, use Interlibrary Loan.


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Textbooks on Reserve

In recognition of the high cost of textbooks,  USM Libraries attempts to purchase all textbooks for 100 and 200-level courses.  Library Reserves are held at the campus where the course is taught most often, and are available for a two hour check out for in library use only.  Due to the high volume of titles, copies will be available at one campus library and not duplicated.  If the book is available as an e-book, it will be made accessible as an e-book.

Click here to check whether your textbooks are on reserve.